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By southwestmo20065899, Apr 15 2020 07:58PM

The New M.V.D. Computer System Upgrade will be operational on Wed. April 22nd, 2020. YES, NEXT WEDNESDAY. What does this mean for you? BUSINESS AS USUAL!! The only change is that you will receive temporary documents ie; Registration, Plates on State issued paper and Title information. This new System will also implement a new 12 Month Registration Cycle at the time of every new purchase. Fees will NO LONGER be prorated. The temporary documents will reflect the actual plate number and Registration you will be receiving from Central Production in Phoenix. Your "Temporaries" will remain valid until you receive your Originals in the mail. If you have not received these items within 30 days, please give us a call to figure out the issue.

The System change will close all M.V.D. Services from Friday April 17th at 4:00 pm to Wednesday April 22nd at 12:00 pm. Give us a call to schedule your appointment.

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